The Philadelphia Eagles have broken my heart, yet again.

I don’t even know where to start. I am disgusted and embarrassed to be from Philly today. After being a loyal Eagle’s fan since birth, I am making the choice to not watch an Eagles game for the next 2 years. Michael Vick is a disgrace. He is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry he got caught doing it. He is not speaking for the Humane Society because he wants to, it is court ordered. Do I think he would’ve stopped on his own, absoutely not. Well, since I’m sure many people will disagree with me, lets start at the beginning and give me a chance to prove my point.

What could have been a great season

The Philadelphia Eagles went into training camp this year as one of the best teams in the NFL, on paper that is. Training camp began, and of course, injuries insued. A few of our star prospects were injured and we needed an offensive savior to pull us out of the deep end before the season started. So who do we pick…Michael fucking Vick. Sigh… oh Philadelphia, when will you ever learn? As if we don’t already have a bad wrap for the high crime rates in our city, lets add another villian to the bunch. During last night’s preseason game, after announcing Vick’s new spot on the team, the fans began chanting “who let the dogs out”. Another strike against us for being known as the worst fans in the NFL. For many years, I was proud to be an Eagles fan. I was proud to be from a town known for it’s violent and obsessed fans for all sports, but especially for football and hockey. Throwing car batteries onto the field, beating up other teams. I mean, we had to have a caged wall put into the Spectrum to prevent our hockey coach from fighting the other teams years ago. That, in my opinion, is hilarious and something to be proud of. Animal abuse, is something I have absolutely no tolerance for.

What kind of person lets this happen to their pet?

What kind of person lets this happen to their pet?

Money Talks and Pit Bulls Walk

Ok, so I’m doing my best here to listen to my mother’s advice and “not let one bad apple spoil the bunch” but COME ON! Do you people even know the whole story about Vick’s dog-fighting ring? As if the 130 million dollar contract he held previously wasn’t enough, he made money off of the deaths of innocent animals, $30-$40k per fight on these poor dogs. Michael Vick was not an innocent bystander to the fighting, he did not show up at events just to bet on dogs, they were his dogs, that he trained. He would have “test fights”, short fights to determine how the animal would hold up in an actual event, and dogs that failed to meet his expectations were killed, by him. The methods that he used were even worse than shooting them. They were drowned, had their bodies slammed onto the ground repeatedly, electrocuted, hanged… do you want me to keep going? During one incident, Vick killed 8 dogs in one sitting.

This is the person we want representing a great American past time? Bad Newz Kennels was more than bad news. It was horrifying. And Michael Vick held the fate of more than 2,000 dogs in his career as a dog-fighting ring leader.

Punish the Deed, Not the Breed

Many of you may be thinking, “Well Pit Bulls are aggressive dogs and will fight any dog you place in front of them” NOT TRUE. Dogs are a product of their upbringing, they learn this behavior. Pits are the most loyal, and loving dogs out there. They have such big hearts, and they will do ANYTHING to please their owner, because they just have so much love for them. And if it means fighting to the death, they will do it if it makes their owner happy. Just like a hunting dog will help a hunter, just like a seeing eye dog will help its owner find his/her way, a Pit Bull will help its owner to accomplish anything he needs.

Just to prove my point, every single dog that was apprehended from Vick’s residence by the animal humane law enforcement was adopted out to a family. Some dogs weren’t as lucky, and died from comlications due to their injuries and neglect. These dogs are not malicious. They were put into a situation where they had to fight for their life and to fight for their owner. I’m sure if they were given a chance to speak, they wouldn’t have chose that life.

Dog fighting is the worst form of animal abuse in my opinion. It is considered a felony in every state except Idaho and Wyomming. (I don’t know what the hell is going on in those states, but who cares about them anyway). Justice needs to be brought to the animals that suffer from this cruelty. In my opinion, abusing an animal is the same as abusing an infant. They do not have a voice, they cannot communicate, or remove themselves from the situation. They are helpless. And these dogs are being bred by dog-fighting ring leaders for the exact purpose of being tortured for the entirety of their existence. That is heartbreaking. That is worse than beating a spouse, because at least that person can fight back, call the authorities, bring justice. An animal cannot call the police and say “please help me, I am being starved and beaten to death. My brothers and sisters are being tortured and killed. Why is this happening to us, what did we do to deserve this?

Another Victim of Dog Fighting

Another Victim of Dog Fighting

Now the Truth

In a 7 year study, pit bulls accounted for only 1.89% of dog bites on humans. And in a study that numbered, in order, the likeliness of over 100 breeds of dogs to bite a person, the Pit Bull was 4th, FROM THE BOTTOM, that’s right, they were 96th on the list. Labradors and Cocker Spaniels are statisically more dangerous. People say Pit Bulls are born mean, they say they are naturally vicious, what information do they have to back that up? NONE.

A few videos I have seen that show you Pit Bulls, America’s sweetheart dogs, and what happens to them when they fight, and shows them being the great family dogs that they are meant to be.

In Closing

I really think that the NFL made a poor decision letting Michael Vick back in. What ever happened to having high standards and making an example out of people? I’ve seen people kicked out of things for far less. It seems he is being portrayed as a hero, when he is the furthest thing from it. The welfare of innocent animals means more to me than winning a football game. I could never be “psyched to have a heartless abuser representing my town as its back-up quarterback. No one should be paid the amount of money he is making after what he did. He shouldn’t have been allowed to play ever again, he should be serving thousands of hours helping apprehend abused animals from sites alongside the real heroes, police and animal human law enforcement officers. Those are the real heroes. The people allowing victims of this crimes to have a voice, and helping to bring them justice. No amount of “I fucked up and I feel bad because I got caught, and now I have to claim Chapter 11 Bankruptcy” will make me feel anything but loathing toward Michael Vick. I’m so devastated people will look past his terrible past and give him another chance because they want to win a SuperBowl so bad. Andy Reed is a poor decision maker, and just because his son is a drug addict fuck up, doesn’t mean he needs to give second chances to a killer. There should be no unconditional love for a monster who has no remorse.


2 responses to “The Philadelphia Eagles have broken my heart, yet again.

  1. I loved the first video. I think we should go back to thinking of Pitbulls as the “American Family Dog”. I’ve fallen for every pitbull I’ve met, and I can’t wait to see my sisters dog Paco soon because he’s hilarious and such a great dog to play soccer with.
    If the NFL really cared about the image its players portray to the fans (especially those younger kids who dream of one day playing) then Vick would’ve been thrown out for good. But this is our society, where money and b.s. talk and criminals and murderers are allowed the spotlight after playing like they are sorry for their crimes. It’s a real sad shame for Philly and a sad day for philly fans.

  2. This is a great article. I’m not a fan of Philly sports (except for the Flyers), but I’ve never had contempt for them the way I do now. You can’t even call this a good football decision — this scumbag has been out of the game for two years!

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